Clairvoyant Angelic Healing and The Planetary Archetypes

Clairvoyant Angelic Healing and The Planetary Archetypes

by Peter Selby

We commonly reference Planetary Archetypal Symbols in our Clairvoyant Angelic Healing practice and it makes for efficient communication with Angels – as in “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  The meanings of Planetary Archetypes are well established – they have been largely agreed on for thousands of years and their use stretches back to even before they were assimilated into the Greek pantheon as the God Mars or Saturn or Pluto etc..  We began referencing them in our work with clients in 2002 after the Angels showed me a compelling vision of their location in the Aura while working with clients in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Prior to that moment, I had little or no knowledge of their meaning and would not have begun to imagine their future importance to this work.

Interestingly, the vision occurred while Anne and I were working with a client who, unknown to us, was a professional astrologer and she immediately offered to go home after her session and print the physiological correlations in the human body of each planetary energy.  Go figure!  The Angels really know what they are doing and they made a score that day.

Having been guided to incorporate the planets in our work with Angels, we can now be cued by Angels to speak to a person about different “departments” or functions within their consciousness.  For instance, if Angels want to tell us something about a person’s core spirit or essence, about their will to be themselves and to pursue their life purpose with authenticity and authority, they will show the symbol of the SUN. SUN is about a person’ core identity and nobility.  It brings about enlightenment and higher inspiration.  Angels quite often point to a person’s SUN and offer to heal blockages in this fundamentally important area of consciousness.

We can deduce various meanings depending on its location in the Aura.  In terms of the effect of the SUN on body physiology, it affects a person’s core energy, their heart, spleen, the adrenal glands, the back (especially the upper back) arteries and circulation in general, and the eyes (especially the right eye of a male and the left eye of a woman).  The effect of healing the SUN quality in one’s consciousness is LIFE CHANGING and it also brings powerfull healing to the body.  Angels can empower a person to activate and heal their SUN consciousness and of course, this is equally true with all the other planetary archetypes.

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