Angelic Healing Wisdom

Angelic Healing Wisdom
By Peter Selby

People naturally love babies and the same could be said regarding how many people feel about Angels. The response seems to come from the heart as a warm feeling.

In my case, the domain of Angels seemed worlds away from the concrete mindset that provided the backdrop for my busy orthopedic Physical Therapy practice in 1985. I could not have imagined then that within a few short years I would be working with Angels to effect remarkable measurable physical improvements in patients without even touching them! But then life is full of surprises!

Skeptical? Skepticism is a natural response to the unknown and the unthinkable. Can it be? How? Is this a hoax? Is this crazy? Is it voodoo? These are natural questions that the mind furnishes to help us avoid the pitfalls of life and they must be respected. I would not be doing what I do today without having questioned over and over again the Angelic healing phenomenon I observe daily in my practice. My questioning actually helped me to understand and develop a model of how Angels can intervene therapeutically to restore well-being to body, mind, soul and spirit and this is the model we teach called Angelic Alchemical Healing.

Starting in 1986 my clinical focus as an orthopedic specialist began to change from a purely physical approach to one concerned with subtle energetic influences. This was the result of a remarkable (dare I say miraculous) clinical encounter with Angelic wisdom and healing power through which I came to understand that tightness in the body is often the result of disturbed energy. I came to understand that it is possible to dramatically improve joint mobility and restore circulation in musculoskeletal and visceral structures by simply removing the subtle energy blockages through nonphysical means. Deepening this insight became my passion and remains so to this day.

Since then I have gained many insights into the subtle worlds underlying our physical existence including the nature of some of the subtle energy disturbances and pathologies in our auric fields. At the core of these insights are non-religious methods of working with Angels, who are both loving and powerful and can succinctly provide much guidance and help in restoring health to those suffering from all manner of difficulties, be they physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual in nature. Teaching this is my life work. I am committed to sharing these powerful insights with people who are likewise inspired to serve Spirit and help Angels bridge their worlds with this one, contributing to wholeness and peace on this planet and beyond.

A doctor does well to understand the nature of a disease he seeks to treat. And similarly, subtle energy disturbances are more readily healed when practitioners have a good model of what they are up against. The ancient axiom, “As Above, So Below” (the Law of Correspondence) provides a hint of how we can gain insights into the unseen worlds. Physically, we know disease is associated with pathogenic agents and loss of anatomical structure and function. And so it is in the unseen worlds – there are subtle energy structures and functions that need to be accounted for and there are also parasitic agents (so called ‘entities’) which like bacteria and viruses countermand the natural expression of health. This may sound fanciful or even scary. But the testimony about this phenomenon arises out of many cultures past and present and the clinical consequences of such can be readily demonstrated.

The following case history is a good example. The year is 1994. I have traveled to Boston and have just made a presentation at MIT on energy healing. Now I am seeing clients. It has been an amazing day – never have I experienced clairvoyance like this before, but it is about to get even more intense. My next patient arrives detailing a 4 1/2 year history of severe neck deformity without known cause, such that her head rests on her right shoulder and she can not fully straighten her neck nor even begin to turn her head to the left.

I have just completed the assessment and documentation of her physical condition when spontaneously I see a shimmering apparition of a man standing one foot away to her left. It is a ghost, who, interestingly, also has a neck deformity and I see a kind of tube attaching the ghost’s neck and to the left side her neck. “That is my father” she gasps as I tell her what I see and she goes on to explain that one week before the onset of her condition 4 1/2 years ago, her father was decapitated after falling off a roof and landing on a pipe. She had never made the connection before this moment and she takes about 20 minutes in audible conversation with her dad and then bids him leave. We call on ArchAngel Michael to help him go to the light and I watch in amazement as her father’s ghost drifts upward out of sight and her neck spontaneously straightens and gains full pain free range of motion to the left without so much as a touch by me ( a full 90’ rotation from 0’ previously) .

Up until this time I had been sensitive to disturbances of energy and had figured out different methods to successfully release blockages but I had not discovered what were the deeper sources of the energy problems I was treating because I could not see them. Suddenly everything was different. Since that day, my third eye has been consistently open such that I have been able to see subtle energy blockages and have catalogued many different structural pathologies and as well as different kinds of entity attachments. Clinically it is always the same – wherever the body is lacking energy due structural problems in the auric field or to parasitic influences such as a ghosts and entities, it is predictably stiff in the affected areas and often diseased. Upon correction of the blockages, the body measurably gains range of motion and significant functional improvements and may go on to resolve the associated health challenges as a result.

This work is not static – new insights from the Angels are constantly being gained. Angels communicate in many ways – through extensions of all the senses – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairnicience (inspired thoughts) and even through extending the senses of taste and smell. They can heighten awareness through stimulating one’s 6th sense – intuition and instinct, even warning of danger. Angels are adept at the use of symbols and forming pictures in one’s mind which can convey the meaning of a thousand words. Angels enjoy humor and convey their thoughts through stimulating memories of songs. They will also communicate through dowsing, giving subtle cues through stimulating sentient awareness or causing dowsing tools to give the appropriate indications.

In our work, we have great respect for both Angels and the free will of the clients we work with. We never act without invitation and permission and always seek to only convey those energies that serve Divine will and the highest good of all concerned. Angels are Divine servants and messengers and are not there at our beck and call to help us play the stock market or gain earthly power and status.

Over the years that I have been working with Angels, they have progressively ‘downloaded’ abilities and information such as being able to evaluate the aura in four distinct dimensions – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. As well, they have provided a functional map of the aura in which certain archetypal symbols such as the Caduceus, the four Elements (fire, earth, air and water), the Qabalistic Tree of Life as well as the Planetary Archetypes of Consciousness can be seen clairvoyantly in specific locations within the aura. The practitioner can intend to reference these archetypal symbols or the Angels may show them during a session. These symbols work for both assessment and treatment and can convey deep meaning and/or healing energies that have profound and demonstrable effects on the body.

One example would be when the Angels want to communicate something about a person’s higher will and life purpose. In such a case they would highlight the area designated by the ‘Sun’ – the area within consciousness that has to do with one’s Soul essence and the will to express one’s deep purpose and meaning authentically. Quite often a blockage in this area of the aura (located approximately 18 inches above the right shoulder) will be associated with restrictions of right shoulder elevation and rotation of the neck to the right. When released, many clients have reported they become much more decisive and confident and have significantly gained ease of movement in the neck and shoulder. Because the ‘Solar’ archetype is physiologically related to circulation, cardiac functions and the spleen, treatment of the ‘sun’ in a person’s aura can cause healing in these areas as well.

Another example of referencing the Planetary Archetypes for healing would be a decisive reversal of impotence by clairvoyantly evaluating and healing consciousness with the Mars, Venus and Lunar archetypes, as conveyed by the Angels. In this particular case, we were requested by the client’s wife to treat her husband’s chronic impotence, indecision, and passive personality. The result was so dramatic that she called a week later asking to be treated herself for honeymoon syndrome. The dramatic changes in his personality amazed friends and coworkers alike who noted that he had become much more direct and decisive.

A question I am often asked about the Angel Healing method I am describing is whether other people can learn to effectively learn to do this work as well. I have been teaching Angelic Healing for 7 years and can confidently answer yes to this question. Almost everyone has at one point or another experienced psychic awareness such as telepathy and getting a ‘feeling’ about someone or something through their ‘6th’ sense. All senses have extensions into the subtle realms and our courses help people to harness these abilities, with special emphasis on learning to feel Angels stimulating head movements so that the third eye energies can be used as a laser drawing tool and pointer.

In conclusion, I believe that Angelic Alchemical Healing is one of the most powerful subtle energy healing modalities that I have experienced or know of. It is easily integrated with many other approaches such as acupuncture theory and practice. Its model of the nature of the unseen worlds is consistent with ancient insights into the hidden realms. Its approach to healing is totally based on the clients explicit permission and is explicitly couched within what serves Divine will and the highest good of all concerned. I have found this method of following Angelic guidance can be learned by most people and it is gentle, safe and respectful. It does not presume to heal anybody or specific conditions. Rather it supports the body to heal itself through helping to clear the subtle energy structures and functions which serve to express the consciousness of the Soul.


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