Clairvoyant Angelic Healing and the Tree of Life

Clairvoyant Angelic Healing and the Tree of Life

by Peter Selby

The Tree of Life is an ancient archetypal symbol, spoken of in many different mystical traditions – Jewish, Christian, Sufi and Hermetic to mention a few.  Its meaning and significance are deep, setting forth the pattern of Divine consciousness that underlies all Creation.

The Tree of Life could be considered the core creation fractal which at the macrocosmic level serves to manifest a universe, and at the microcosmic level expresses itself as a planet, you or me – indeed everything that exists.

Looking at the overall symbol, you notice there are three pillars containing 10 circles connected by 22 paths.  Each path and circle represents specific Creation energies and has been assigned one or more core archetypes from astrology, tarot and Jewish mysticism alluding to the underlying Cosmic Consciousness.  The Tree of Life is ALIVE – ENERGY.

Years ago while I was working with Clients in Germany I unexpectedly experienced being able to see the Tree of Life positioned in a client’s aura, an ability that has remained with me ever since.  Kabbalists have long portrayed the Tree of Life as centered on the human body structure.  My vision differed in that I saw the Tree symbol in an off-centered position in the aura.  With more experience I found the Tree of Life is, more often than not, off-centered.  I have observed that when he Tree of Life is off-centered to one side, the body structures are generally tighter on that side and the neck is more restricted in that direction.  One wonders what is the significance of the Tree being off-centered and why it occurs.

It appears to me that the Tree becomes off-centered to one side as a compensation for blockages on the opposite side.  If the overall Tree of Life is positioned to the right, the column on the left is closer to the body and the column on the right is further away.  This brings more energy to the left side of the body while the right pillar energy is less available because it is further away.  It appears that the closer a column is to the body, the stronger its influence.

The three “pillars” of the Tree of Life symbolize three different kinds of energy: the masculine/feminine polarities laterally and unity consciousness centrally.  The lateral columns are concerned with function while the central column symbolizes the core, eternal Essence expressing Divinity/superconsciousness at the top, physicality at the bottom and the True self in the middle.

Angels work with us by showing the position of the Tree of Life in the Aura and pointing out various structures in the Tree of Life symbol whose associated energy/consciousness isn’t able to effectively manifest in a person’s life and body.

When invited, the Angels can help a person heal their consciousness and energy system, allowing them to reconnect to and center on the Source energies in the Tree structure thus promoting higher awareness and physical health.

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