Consciousness and Healing

Consciousness and Healing

by Peter Selby

A core tenant in our work is that the body reflects consciousness. I would like to describe several interesting experiments I conducted during an evening seminar that demonstrates this. We began the lecture by making a very brief statement to the effect that the audence needed only one piece of information to understand what they were about to see, namely, energy blockages cause measureable tightness in the myofascial and joint structures affected by the energy blockages. With this simple introduction, we chose a volunteer from the audience and did range of motion testing on his neck, shoulders, hips and ankles while in front of the crowd. The left side of his body was observed to be markedly tighter and more restricted. This was not news to him.

Then we asked him to be a surrogate for a stranger (unknown to either of us) in the audience who had given permission for him to do so and with the simple words, “surrogate on”, we remeasured his body. Astoundingly, his restrictions on the left side were no longer observed, with good range of motion at all the above joints. However, now the right side of his body measured tighter from the neck, shoulder, hip right down to his ankle. We used the words, “surrogate off” and “surrogate on” several times, remeasuring his body each time. The audience gasped and laughed repeatedly as the observed tightness changed back and forth as the surrogate status was switched on and off. The volunteer in front of the audience was obviously dumbfounded. But the clencher occurred when the audience volunteer being surrogated for came up and had his range of motion tested. The audience gasped once more because the measurements revealed the exact pattern the surrogate had predicted when measured as the surrogate, namely, the man’s right side was restricted in very similar proportions to what the surrogate had demonstrated. The observed problems disappearred in each of the volunteers when surrogate healings were effected at the end of the demonstration.

What was interesting was that neither volunteer had any familiarity with the phenomenon of surrogate inductions or healing techniques and both were strangers to each other as well as myself. You could say we were all ‘blind’ to each other. The point of the experiment was to show that the body would physically manifest the consciousness of someone else upon mere declaration once permission had been received to do so. What seems to be an inexplicable and senseless physical challenge, e.g., frozen shoulder, or a chronic neck restriction after a whiplash injury, disappears with a simple declaration.

The next thing we demonstrated was that angelic intelligence demonstrably spans from the present into the future (the same could be said visa vi the past). Esentially, the experiment involves using clairvoyant observation of a surrogate (in this case, a doll) to reveal the pattern of blockages in a person located remotely. The only catch is that the person is remotely located in the future because they will be chosen using the ‘spin the bottle’ technique from a circle of volunteers after the observation of the doll has already been made and written down (without informing the group as to the findings)!

Thus, I asked permission of all the would be volunteers in the experiment to view their aura if they were the chosen one, and then invoked the assistance of that one’s guardian angels. Using my ‘third eye’ to clairvoyantly observe the pattern of energy blockages seen around the doll, I kept the findings to myself, writing down the salient findings and predicting which specific joint structures and generally, which side of the body would measure as the most restricted. We then spun the bottle and it pointed directly to one person. Upon measurement of that person’s range of motion, we could all see a very specific pattern of limitation that was well known to the person themselves. I then read what I had written down on the paper to the group for the first time and there was the exact description of what we all had just observed, namely, the writing described that the person had a ‘double’ on their right (the phenomonen is described in the succeeding paragraph), restricting the function of the joints on the right side generally and especially, the right shoulder. This demonstration seems quite unlikely but I have repeated it with many other groups and it has always proven to be accurate.

So now it is appropriate to explain some of the common energy ‘blockages’ associated with bodily distress and dysfunction. And first on the list is the so called ‘double’ or ‘disassociated aspect’ that results from a person experiencing a shock and ‘jumping out of their skin’ and ‘being beside themself’. This is very common and can result not only from physical truama like getting ‘knocked out’, but also from emotional, mental, and/or spiritual shock. Viewed clairvoyantly, the person is seen to have a ‘ghost’ of themselves, which can be located anywhere in the aura, close to or well to the side as well as horizontally on the same level or above the physical self. The actual position of the double suggests the likelyhood of spontaneous re-integration. The further the double from the body, the less resolved are the factors originally responsible for the disassociation. However, when the double is seen to be closely adjacent to the body, it is believed that immanent re-integration is implied. Regardless, a consistent finding clinically is that doubles always deprive the body of vital energy, causing the joint structures to tighten on the side to which the double is positioned in the aura.

We said that the double is a kind of ‘ghost’ in the aura but one which in fact is a fragment of consciousness of the soul belonging to the body. However, similar consequences in terms of loss of body energy occur when foreign sources of consciousness are superimposed on the auric field, siphoning energy from the physical organism in the process. These are parasitic influences we call entities and can be disincarnate soul attachments that attach to the living after their physical death or they can be non-human entities that possess some type of consciousness, analogous to intestinal parasites but on the astral plane. In this vein, the reader is invited to consider a poem written by Nicholas Roerich, the famous Russian artist and mystic philosopher and poet whose works are on display in the Roerich gallery in New York City:

Then by Nicholas Roerich

Published 1931

Thou are mistaken, Boy!  There is no evil.

The Great One could not create evil.  There is imperfection.

But it is just as dangerous as that

Which thou callest evil.

There is no king of darkness and demons.

But with each deed

Of ignorance, falsity, anger,

We create numberless creatures,

Ugly and terrifying in their aspect,

Bloodthirsty and hideous.

They follow us,

Our creations!  Their dimensions

And their aspect are created by us.

Beware of destroying their swarm.

Thy breeds will commence

To devour thee.  Carefully

Touch the crowd.  To live is a trial.

My boy, remember the command:

Not to fear life and to believe,

To remain free and strong

And then thou wilt attain to love.

The dark creatures do not thrive under

All this.  They wither and perish


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