Examples of Applications

Although we make no claims, this consciousness clearing work typically promotes healing of many challenges albeit physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. The work has proven very helpful in supporting couples, families, friends and colleagues to resolve relationship issues. Musculoskeletal dysfunctions are especially responsive to this healing method and we routinely witness significant changes in joint and spinal range of motion – many clients experience dramatic, lasting functional improvements as a result of Angelic healing where there has been chronic limitation and progressive joint arthritis and stiffening – this applies to the feet and ankles, knees, hips, pelvic joints, lower, mid and upper spine, shoulders and upper extremity joints, Craniosacral system and TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) problems.

We have found that it is helpful to identify the associated issues in a person’s consciousness that may play a role in the genesis of the disease process when working with people who have been diagnosed with cancer and metastatic disease (we want to emphasize here that we do not claim to cure cancer). The work is applicable & generally helpful to more conditions than can be listed but in our experience, the following is a partial list of various physical health challenges that have responded well to this approach:

Carpal Tunnel, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Digestive disorders, Fibromyalgia, Frozen shoulder and rotator cuff syndrome, Migraines, MS & other Neurological diseases, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Sports injuries, Whiplash, bladder and kidney problems, gall bladder and liver disorders, prostate disease and enlargement, inflammatory arthritic diseases and osteoarthritis; revitalizing those who are recovering from surgery.

Animals respond very well to this modality and we have cleared negative energies from homes and properties and trees and gardens through Angelic guidance.

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