Insights into Distance Healing

Insights into Distance Healing
By Peter Selby

The stage has been set for a distance healing experiment – doctors in Czechoslovakia have selected a patient who has been diagnosed through X-rays and clinical procedures. His history is known, his disability defined and his physical limitations documented. The experiment involves inviting ‘healers’ working at a distance to see if they can identify the patients various problems and, through distance healing techniques, measurably improve the patient’s function.

To prevent the patient being influenced directly, there are impressive barriers in place. The healers, speaking English, talk from Colorado to the experimenter in Pennsylvania who, on another line, speaks in Czech with the doctors in the Czechoslovakian clinic where the patient is being observed. No direct communication is allowed and no details as to the man’s diagnosis are provided.

By the end of the experiment there is disarray. The doctors are astounded that the patient’s problem was accurately described: bilateral osteo-arthritic hip disease, worse on the left, high blood pressure, and a history of head and neck injury associated with a fall. What is more, the distance healing ‘treatment’ so markedly improved the measured range of motion of the patient’s neck and hip joints that the patient himself excitedly grabs the phone from the doctors and tells the experiment moderator in Pennsylvania that he wants to invite the healers to come to Czechoslovakia as his guests. Weeks later, the experiment moderator contacts the healers and tells them that the experiment was ‘ruined’ by their success because the patient was so markedly improved that he could not participate in the subsequent trials with other healers. The doctors, he explains, were talking for days about what they observed and in subsequent measurements, confirmed that the results were lasting.

To help you, the reader, understand how the events in this true story could occur, imagine for a moment that you are stepping out of your usual self identification as a unique and separate physical being in favor of an identity derived from your being part of a much bigger whole. In this place, your consciousness is as integral with the larger consciousness as one of the cells in your body is identified with in your mind with the body as a whole. If you can ‘grock’ this, then you are well on your way to understanding how distance healing works and why is is so effective.

At one level of reality, we are all connected and our consciousness in unified. There is no ‘you’ and no ‘me’ as isolated units but rather ‘us’ existing within a much larger unitive whole. In fact, holographic theory holds that there is a ‘you’ in me and visa versa. This being true, it is not hard to imagine that within this field of collective consciousness, both you and I are equally known. All that remains is to devise a method that would allow us to unlock the door that prevents ordinary access to that unitive consciousness where information about all ‘others’ can be referenced. And it turns out this is relatively simple to pull off, the pivots being intention and permission.

But before we explore the actual method of distance healing, we need to understand nature of the field of consciousness known as the bio-energy field.

Just as your skin defines the exterior of your physical space, your consciousness also occupies a defined space known as the auric field which interpenetrates and extends beyond the body by several feet or more depending on the overall vitality. And in the same way there are multiple organs within the body occupying a defined physical space, there are multiple ‘organs’ of consciousness (the subtle bodies) that are the constituents of the auric field, each with its own unique set of functions. These subtle bodies interpenetrate each other and extend progressively further away from the physical body reflecting the progressively less dense vibrational nature of each of the subtle bodies – etheric, emotional, mental and ‘spiritual/relational’. As we will see, bio-energy treatments becomes very potent when blockages are released from the specific subtle body structures containing them, thereby stimulating physical healing.

Here is how it works: the body derives its physical mandate (form and function) from two elements – consciousness and the life force to express it. This being the case, it is logical that why unitive consciousness – being identified with the whole rather than ourselves as separate and unique – is not our ordinary experience. Rather, the identification of being separate and unique is actually essential to physical existence. The body is a specific physical representation of an individuated consciousness, not an amorphous representation of everything this side of the void. The immune system itself is a metaphor of individuated consciousness, sorting out what belongs and what is foreign .

From the author’s perspective, without this sequestered ‘field of consciousness’ you identify with yourself or perhaps, your soul, you would not exist as a physical being. That is why we say that the body is a vessel designed for one, not oneness. Unfortunately, the clinical reality is that some people’s psychic boundaries are so challenged that their body doesn’t know where they stop and the energies around them begin. And this confusion is the basis of much suffering and many diseases.

So much for the pervasive and starry ideal that our egos need to be shelved! Losing one’s defining identity as a self with one’s own unique thoughts, feelings, and will to exist in favor of merging with the ‘collective’ universal consciousness would be analogous to loading and running all computer operating systems ever created in one particular computer at the same time, resulting in functional chaos.

And now we will consider the Surrogate Phenomenon which is basic to our distance healing procedures. If it is true that the body is a manifestation of consciousness and life force, the question remains, especially given the above discussion regarding the necessity of individual identification and boundaries, whose consciousness is the body manifesting and what is the nature of the consciousness being manifested? When a person agrees to be a surrogate for another person, their body demonstrably changes in its functional parameters.

Thus a young physician was astounded during a public demonstration in front of 100 people when the chronic right hip arthritic disability she had suffered with for 20 years disappeared upon being designated a distance healing surrogate for her sister with breast cancer. “Do you have to cancel the surrogate status?”, she asked at the end of the demonstration. Well I replied, we do if you if you don’t want to increase your chances of also manifesting breast cancer! She immediately got the point. “Go ahead and ‘un-surrogate’ me” she said. And upon doing so, the same measurable restriction in her right hip immediately materialized. She later came for a healing in which the elements in her own consciousness that manifested this disease were addressed and she was thrilled to find her hip functions returned to normal and her symptoms resolved.

So it is pivotal to all energy healing including that done at a distance, to identify and clear the elements of consciousness that are manifesting symptoms and underlying disease processes. In this way, we support the foundations of health rather than attending mere surface manifestations. And what is unique to the distance healing methodology we use is the use of a surrogate to represent the consciousness of the distance client. Otherwise the procedures for healing in person and healing at a distance are essentially the same.

What is essential to the methodology is the ability access higher levels of consciousness where everything is known and all things are possible. Mere psychic connectedness to unity consciousness does not guarantee the practitioner will gain insights as to the cause of disease in a client. It would be like walking into a library containing every book in the world but not knowing which book contains the desired information. Rather, through invocation, we have found the ability to access higher levels of intelligence beyond the pale of ordinary human awareness, intelligence that operates in domains beyond the limitations of time and space. As to a common language, we have found rich communication is possible through a designated lexicon of symbols. And the meaning of those symbols has been derived from inspired intuition and repeated clinical experiences. Beginning with a client’s invitation for us to work with ‘Source’ ( a generic term for God, Great Spirit, etc.) and specific invocation (“We invoke your High Self, your Guardian Angels, your inner wisdom, the light of your Immortal Soul, and your Source connection), we respectfully interview these beings of higher intelligence (Angels) with the intention of identifying the causative elements of consciousness related to the client’s various health challenges.

Using clairvoyant and intuitive faculties, we begin to perceive various dysfunctional elements of consciousness related to the clients health challenges. We do not believe these are exhaustive representations underlying the complex of health challenges, we do believe that they are relevant and are being pointed to because they are ready to be released, thereby promoting healing. Essentially, the method allows consciousness to be cleared and life force to be restored. Healing then comes naturally, albeit, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual/ relational. And in the final analysis, the body and subtle bodies must heal themselves. True healing comes from within and healing comes naturally given the right conditions.

Returning to the method used to assist the body to heal itself, we then so draw a picture of the aura using the symbols the angels describe these through pictures. Before discussing these however, we predict and measure the range of motion of various joint structures, noting and pointing out to the client the observed limitations. We then point to the drawing to explain the influences that associate with the observed dysfunctions.

We have found time and again that being able to identify the body’s challenge areas without the client telling us about them ahead of time, is a powerful confidence builder and clients become especially interested when, through their invitation and permission to the Angels and the attending human intermediaries, the various dysfunctional energy patterns are cleared and the resultant changes in physical function can be demonstrated.

In our sessions we are often guided to interpret specific findings in the aura through various references such as specific pathways in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life or referencing theTarot where one or more readings from the major and minor archana may be indicated.  Beginning in 2012, the Angels also began referring to the ancient Chinese oracle called the I Ching and we have been mightily blessed by being specifically guided to one or more of the 64 hexagrams in most sessions.  These references are uncannily relevant and help to bring the Angelic guidance to life in a most convincing and transformative way.  We use a great translation by RL Wing called the I Ching workbook.  When we need to get further clarification as to the purpose of the healing or the meaning of something being shown, we ask for an I Ching hexagram. There are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching.  These are topics/readings in the I Ching, each with 7 possible interpretations. The 6 changing lines plus an alternative source of interpretation – the static line – act like a rudder to direct the meaning or overall interpretation of the hexagram this way or that. In short order, the guidance will let us know whether a hexagram or a Tarot reading is indicated by giving specific reference through giving the number of the hexagram and the way to interpret it.  So far there has never been a misfire in terms of relevance and helpful application.  In fact, being guided to open the I Ching to specific readings just by number as resulted in a great deepening of my respect for Angels and Divine guidance.  In fact it has changed the way we live our lives, helping us navigate the complexities of our personal and clinical lives.

Distance Healing is the mainstay of our practice since we live in Sisters, a small town in Central Oregon. We feel privileged to have the avails of video Skype, or Google plus or FaceTime. The video modalities help us to form a deeper connection and to be able to show the chart drawings that  Anne creates and also to share various references.

We hope this article has proven helpful and welcome the opportunity to work with you in person or at a distance.  We can be reached at 541 549 1927916 719 6948

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