Instantaneous Healings

Experience this Life Changing work.

We have travelled extensively giving public lecture/demonstrations of our work. To see an audience volunteer with sciatica, frozen shoulder, or a painful physical limitation instantaneously regain function is mind opening. To see it over and over again is life changing.

We are convinced that the health of the body is intimately connected to the health of the energy field. But how does it work? Consciousness is energy. Being fully present & living in the now is what keeps energy flowing. Old wounds, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual can create blockages. Entities, ghosts, soul fragments and traumatic residues play on constructs of a mind (albeit unconscious) living in the past. When seen in the aura, these types of shadow measurably impact the flow of energy in the body and, with time, disease can result. The Angels help us to release these dysfunctional influences and reintegrate the Soul which allows healing to take place.

We first count the Angels and draw a picture of where they are seen in your aura. Then, seeking Angelic guidance, we evaluate your field of consciousness for blockages and dysfunctual energy patterns, draw what is seen and offer insights as to how these affect your physical body and world. When appropriate, gentle range of motion testing of affected joint structures is performed. At this time, if there are any concerns you have that have not been highlighted by the Angels we take time to focus on them. After the healing takes place the same testing is repeated and compared to the previous measurements. In addition to improved physical function, healing takes place in the viscera, glands, nervous system and deep tissues, potentially unfolding over months.

The Auric Field is composed of eight layers in five different dimensions. Within those layers and dimension we evaluate many symbols used by the Angels to show what can be healed in the session.

What can be seen in the field?

The Central Channel, Ida & Pingala and Chakras, the Grounding channels; the Planetary Archetypes & the Tree of Life in 5 dimensions with the10 Sephiroth, Sectors and Pathways; Soul fragments, negative parasitic influences, Astral entities & elementals (gremlins, undines, salamanders, sylphs), ghosts, interpersonal tubes & hooks (co-dependency), trauma fields and disassociated aspects of the self, Soul fragments, portals into different astral zones (the hell realms, the underworld, the land of the Hungry Ghosts, limbo); the aura in the realm of light – the material universe (Father God Source) and the reflected aura in the realm of pure non-material potentiality (Mother God Source).

How does one keep moving forward and not backtrack?

We seek to expand consciousness and elucidate the core issues that plague the body/mind and give practical guidance to take with you.

We draw on more than 30 years of experience with countless stories of remarkable healings that offer hope and support for whatever your experience or condition is. Easy, friendly and informative is how people often describe their sessions.

After session instructions: