Our Thoughts On Healing

Healing is a natural process reflecting the innate wisdom of the body. Given sufficient life force and a clear field of consciousness, wellness comes naturally. Ideally, the body is literally pulsing with life force, rhythmically broadening and narrowing in a microscopic but palpable movement. This ‘breath’ of life nourishes every tissue and organ and directs the circulation of blood, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid.

A bright aura creates a healthy body. Where the aura is shadowed, the pulse of life is diminished and the body is measurably restricted. Lacking a healthy energy pulse, tissues become “dis-eased” much like a dirty house with plugged sinks and toilets becomes uninhabitable. Clearing the aura strengthens the pulse of life which heals the physical body, circulation improves, pain is relieved, and organs regain their vitality.

However noble the wonders of modern drugs and surgery, good medicine must support the healing of body, mind, soul and spirit.  The human aura, or field of consciousness, extends beyond the borders of the body and must be considered in the equation of health.