“What Clients have said about this work”

  • I feel so blessed to have found Peter and Anne. I have lived with chronic pain for the last 25 years in my neck and feet. After just one treatment with Peter and Anne, I’m totally pain free in my neck and feet. I have had two cervical fusions [C3 & C4, C5 & C6] in the past 20 years. The surgery left me with very little range of motion along with muscle spasms. I now have full range of motion in my neck and no spasms, or pain. I can turn my head to drive safely now and look up at the stars at night again. Peter worked on my feet as well. Before the treatment every step I took was very painful, I walked like an old lady. I have missed so much in life because I just couldn’t stand the pain to walk that far. Now, I enjoy walking my dogs, taking hikes, I can go anywhere I want to! My sister-in-law is a Nurse Practitioner and was lost for words on a recent visit when she witnessed how I could turn my neck without pain or limitations. She said I’m a “Medical Miracle” and I know I’m one! Peter & Anne are very special people and just being in their presence gives you a peaceful feeling. I would highly recommend them for anyone with chronic pain or just personal mental healing. They are my Angels on Earth!

Rosena Cotton - Bend, Oregon

  • “In late February of 2011 I had surgery to replace my right shoulder joint which had become completely worn from overuse and arthritis. The surgery was more difficult than the surgeon had expected. As a result, he had to do a number of repairs as well as simply replace the joint. For whatever reason, I was unable to recover from my surgery. For several months my range of motion remained very poor and I had my almost no strength. In mid-May, I had another appointment with my surgeon at which point he suggested that I consider doing the shoulder surgery a second time. Needless to say I was not very receptive to that idea. Shortly after that I heard (via my wife via a friend of hers) about Peter’s gift with angelic healing. I was somewhat skeptical but certainly open to the idea, and so I made an appointment with Peter for early June. It was delightful. Peter and Anne are wonderful people and their home is lovely and serene. After we chatted for a bit over lunch, Peter began the session. It was all very different from anything I had previously experienced, but quite enjoyable and illuminating. And, most important, it really worked! At the end of the session, I had nearly complete range of motion and much more strength. My shoulder structure was truly healed! Thereafter, I continued working on my strength and range of motion largely on my own, and I am very pleased to say that I can now ride my bike, do yoga, lift weights, shoot a basketball, and even kayak. In short, I can again do all the things that I have always enjoyed. One more thing came from my experience – less tangible but equally as profound. In the end, I felt like a different, better, lighter person and that sense of being has stayed with me ever since. Peter’s gift, and the angelic healing, are a real blessing. I am grateful and humbled by it. I would recommend the experience to anyone!”

Mike Winslow - Portland, Oregon

  • “Meet the doctor of the future. Peter Selby has generated healing for me that has been nothing short of miraculous, all without use of invasive medical technologies. It started 11 years ago with resolving a shoulder injury that no one else had been able to help me with. After one session the shoulder worked perfectly. Since then I have used Peter’s gifts for just about every other physical ailment I have had with outstanding results. Most recently, a rare eye disease which completely cleared up after just 2 sessions. Additionally I have referred over 30 friends and family who have reported amazing results. Prior to meeting Peter I was always skeptical of healers, but Peter is The Real Deal. My cousin’s ovarian tumor completely disappeared after 2 phone sessions. Mind blowing.”

Susan Snow - Oakland, Ca.

  • “Clairvoyant Angelic Healing transcends the boundaries of physical space to offer those in need anywhere in the world an opportunity for healing as well as development. Peter and Anne deliver this profound service with compassion. They are continuously exploring and expanding their capacities to serve in new ways.”

Lily Seah - Singapore

  • “The fundamental basis of my career as a Chiropractor was ‘removing interference to the natural process”. In all of my Health Care experiences since 1972 I can clearly say that Peter & Anne Selby’s sessions do so more profoundly than anything else I’ve encountered”.

Richard T. Benson D. C., Bend, Oregon

  • “One session healed 15 years of agonizing prostatitis.”  John Stewart, Los Angeles
  • “Thank you so very much for your help and guidance during your workshop and private sessions in ( ) this ( ). I am deeply grateful for what happened there and I would like to share some impressions with you.  After our first session that was about me and my son ( ) I went back home and when ( ) came back from school he immediately started talking to me about his day for more than an hour. This might sound quite normal but it isn’t/wasn’t so far. ( ) never talked to me for such a long time and almost never used to talk about his feelings which he did that evening. He appeared to me as a completely different child – open minded, present, in contact with me and himself. I can’t describe my overwhelming joy about this and it lasts! Even other people realized that ( ) is different and his relationship to his step-father changed too. It’s really a miracle and I’m so glad and happy for ( ) and for us all! Then, I had that second session with you after the workshop. …I left this session with a feeling that I just regained my life in completeness, that “something” really important was now with me again, helping me to do what I came for. Thank you God, thank you Angels and thank you Peter who made all this possible for me and my family! It is such a joy – no words will ever match what I’m feeling. But I’m sure you understand what I was saying…”

Doris Hauser – Switzerland

“The above session involved the identification of a lifelong emotional pattern in which sadness and loneliness predominated her life. The area in the aura where this emotional zone was located was identified and cleared along with the associated negative astral influences. The client’s countenance immediately brightened and as she states, her emotional life improved markedly afterwards.”  Peter Selby

  • “After observing their work, I invited Peter and Anne to come to Europe and share their skills. Acting as their translator during their travels, I attended approximately 100 healing sessions. I was impressed by the method and the results. As examples, my son’s neurodermatitis and asthma were instantly healed as were two other inhaler dependent asthmatic children. My sister was healed of debilitating back pain resulting from a devastating mountain climbing accident 15 years ago. My secretary’s chronic migraines resolved. These and other remarkable experiences have changed my life and broadened my ideas about healing.”

Martina Gebhardt, Germany

  • “Peter and Anne Selby’s capacity to link the Being and Doing sides of creation is remarkable. They are utterly pragmatic and utterly inspirational in their capacity to serve as a bridge between Spirit and Nature. They are very bright and clear lights for all those whose lives have been graced by their presence. They are healers of the highest order and friends to cherish.”

Sandra Seagal & David Horne – Topanga Canyon, California
Authors of Human Dynamics: A New Framework for Understanding People and Realizing the Potential in Our Organizations

  • “Having had 3 spinal fusion surgeries, I lived with constant pain, taking antidepressants, narcotics and anti-inflammatories. All that changed when Peter and Anne chose me as a volunteer for Angelic healing in one of their public talks in SLC. I felt immediate relief. I scheduled a full session for the next day. In the weeks and months that followed my back pain and spinal deformity resolved. Six months later I still have leg pain, but I remain off all medications and have gone from misery to functioning and having fun again. My doctor is amazed & intrigued. I am so very grateful to have been touched by the Angels. I know others who feel likewise.”

John Payne, Salt Lake City

  • “Through Peter and Anne Selby’s special gifts I have experienced the healing power of God. I am grateful beyond words for the healings that have been given to many of my friends and family members. My life will never be the same. I thank God for these healings and for bringing these two remarkable people into my life.”

Dr. Stephen L. Sokolow, Allentown, NJ

  • We participated in your Munich Angelic Healing Wisdom course in 2005. We love and appreciate your work more and more. We give sessions every week and the results are wonderful. We feel really blessed to do so.

Dr. Ilse-Maria und Jürgen Fahrnow - Munich, Germany