• The Inner Couple  $295.00 – 2 Days

You’ve heard about Mars and Venus!  The good news is that we are not so different after all!  Men and women encompass both these dynamics and in effect, have a couple within, whether you call it yin and yang, anima and animus or right brain/left brain.  Through our work as clairvoyants, we have observed that outer relationships mirror the inner dynamics, providing clues about where we are in the dark about ourselves. This enjoyable weekend workshop will help you explore the mirror between your inner and outer world.  As you better understand  and serve the needs of each partner in your inner couple, you will enhance your own creativity and ability to relate to a partner and others around you.  This gathering will be “down to earth” but “Out of this World.”

  • Taming the Inner Critic $295.00 - 2 Days

Most of us were raised around the idea that criticism, negative comparisons, and shame serve to make us better people.  This pervasive approach to motivation can be found in the home, schools and churches.  Internalizing it as we grew older, we may have become “our own worst critic”, hoping that we will ultimately get the love and acceptance we feel we need from those around us.  Using core insights from our work as clairvoyants to understand what is behind all this, we take a new look at what is being accomplished and whose interests are actually being served.  We explore the various strategies expressed by the inner critic through both feminine and masculine dynamics such as attitudes and emotions versus negative thinking and active sabotage. The workshop will culminate in learning new listening skills and strategies that will liberate suppressed life force and transform these limiting self destructive modes of thought and feeling into positive expressions of love and creativity.

  • Introduction to Clairvoyant Angelic Healing – Basic Course:  $450.00 - 3 Days

Required for all advanced courses, this workshop provides core pragmatic applications of Angelic Healing, with the goal of expanding self awareness in relation to the multi-dimensional you. It is intended to be a life skills resource, and can serve as an empowering  preparation or follow up to personal healing sessions so that the work can be taken deeper.  It is designed to provide an owner’s manual for Souls in a body, gently helping to strengthen the connection to Source and clarify one’s field of consciousness.

ADVANCED COURSES of Clairvoyant Angelic Healing

The Basic Course Introduction to Clairvoyant Angelic Healing is requisite for these higher courses:

  • Intermediate Level Training in Clairvoyant Angelic Healing $987 – 5 DaysThis intermediate course picks up where the Introductory course leaves off, moving into more theory and practice of Clairvoyant Angelic Healing with Self-healing as the main focus.

    1. Increase skill levels in perceiving Angelic guidance through meditations and practices; dowsing the I Ching Hexagrams to discern the Angelic guidance.

    2. Gain broader understanding and skills in perceiving and healing traumatic disassociation, chakra dysfunctions, kundalini energetics

    3. Explore the different aspects of consciousness and their impact on our physiology referenced through the elements, signs (introduction to The 12 Gates), Planetary Archetypes and Tree of Life

  • Planetary Archetypes & Consciousness $450.00 - 3 Days

A deeper study reveals knowledge originally reserved for the adepts of the ancient mystery schools. This course is not about astrology, but explores in more depth the meaning and applications of the ancient  planetary archetypes (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter etc.) as paths to understanding the core functions within our own consciousness.  It  provides tools and practices to enhance relationships, personal growth, and prosperity.

  • Kabalistic Healing & The Tree of Life  $450.00 - 3 Days

Our experience as clairvoyants deepened dramatically when our beloved Angels revealed the Tree of Life can be seen in the Aura and is a powerful tool for healing and inner transformation.  We will look into this ancient & sacred philosophy/technology with a view to understanding the structure of human  consciousness as a reflection of creation itself and the path to All that is and beyond (Divinity).   Working with the Angelic realm we will celebrate the Tree of Life through ritual and meditations, learning helpful insights and practices that expand and balance consciousness and restore health.