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You can choose to share what your focus is or not – we know the Angels know your heart.

Private Sessions


In-depth analysis and treatment lasting from 1 to 2 hours. This session includes a recording and drawing accessed through Dropbox.


3 Session Package


Highly recommended: This option is available when paid in advance. This is to be used for 1 person within a 3 month period.


Children 12 & younger


Angels reveal and heal trauma; dissociations; entity attachments; projected issues of the parents and soul issues from other lifetimes.


Pets Sessions


Specific focus on health/behavioral issues lasting ½ hour.  Release of negative energies; trauma; integration of dissociations; grounding and vitality.  


Houses, Buildings, and Land clearings


Negative energies often attach themselves to possessions, land, and buildings. Analysis and clearing $150 – ½ hour session.


Couples Session


Healing Negative Patterns for Parent/child, business partners, friends, romantic couple. $75 charge each ½ hour over 2 hours.


Custom Amount


This is to make a payment that is not shown in one of the above.