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Clairvoyant Angelic Healing…

In the beginning…

In 1995 Peter Selby, RPT (MT) was practicing orthopedic physical therapy in Montana when he became spontaneously clairvoyant, allowing him to observe the human energy field and be guided by Angels to treat the source of his client’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. Anne, a gifted therapist herself, joined Peter in 2001 and they practice together in Washougal, WA.

Angels know what is ready to heal…

This modality is an amazing way to heal body and Soul.  We have learned to perceive Angelic guidance unveiling current opportunities for healing. They can reveal and heal dissociated energies of body and Soul, negativity and challenged areas in one’s consciousness, parasitic energies/entities, co-dependent connections we call “tubes” between people that polarize relationships, and compromised connections to Source/God.

Clients include…

Individuals, couples, children, animals, organizations, small businesses and corporations.  Angels also guide us to clear negative energies from homes, buildings and land.

How we work…

We work by invitation, and invocation.  Angels reveal blockages and dysfunctional energy patterns in the field of consciousness.  Anne makes a meticulous drawing of what Peter is guided to see. We discuss the information and the effects on the body and life patterns.  Areas of physical restriction are predicted and can be demonstrated with gentle range of motion.  If any concerns have not been highlighted by the Angels they are then brought into focus.  We guide clients through the healing protocol and after the healing takes place, range of motion testing is repeated and compared to previous measurements.

How we connect…

Sessions can be conducted by telephone, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.  Whether in person or at a distance, the same principles and correlations apply with immediate and measurable results.  Angelic Healing works beyond the limitations of time and space.

Spouses, family members and friends are welcome to be present during sessions.


Not everyone is comfortable with the words Angel, ArchAngel or God.  Our work doesn’t have a specific religious teaching or philosophy behind it, rather, embraces all.  We are comfortable asking the client to specify the terminology that works for him or her, including Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Krishna etc. .   We use the word Angel and call on specific Angels because for us and many people, it connotes caring, intelligent, benevolent agents of the Divine dedicated to providing guidance, healing and comfort.  People not comfortable with the designation ‘Angels’ might prefer to call on ‘guides and guardians in the light” or similar words and phrases and that’s ok with us.

We are equally comfortable with referring to the Divine as God, Source, Great Spirit, Mother/Father God/All That Is or, in general, whatever positive reverent terminology works for the client when referring to the Divine and the Angelic realms.  Agnostics and Atheists and skeptics are welcome and honored in our practice.

We reference Esoteric Healing concepts and practices, the I Ching, Tarot, Kaballah, Traditional Chinese Medical philosophy, Astrological archetypes and theory.  We are aware of light and dark forces at work in the Universe. For us, the forces of Light express and promote truth, love and positive virtues.  The dark force expresses service to self, negativity, destructive, unhealthy energies and states of mind that are disconnected from the Divine Source. Dark Entities are parasitic and promote learning the hard way. Yet they too are within the Divine plan and ultimately serve a Divine purpose. Souls embody on the Earth plane to evolve their consciousness and Divine self-awareness. The process involves drifting away from the light at certain times and ultimately returning to it at a higher level of awareness. It is not always an easy journey but it serves the Soul in the long run.     

We are comfortable and knowledgeable when referring to acupuncture theory and meridians, Osteopathic manual therapy concepts, and Osteopathic practices such as CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial release, French Lymphatic Drainage and Visceral Manipulation.  These all are part of Peter’s post graduate Physical Therapy training and practice since graduating in 1978.


Mike Winslow, Portland, OR

 “Surgery to replace my right shoulder joint proved to be more difficult than expected and a second surgery was scheduled.  I heard about Peter’s gift with angelic healing and, though somewhat skeptical, made an appointment.  Peter and Anne are wonderful people and their home is lovely and serene.  The session was different from anything I had previously experienced, quite enjoyable and illuminating and I gained nearly complete range of motion and much more strength.  My shoulder structure was truly healed!  I followed yup with exercises to keep the improvement and I can again do all the things I have always enjoyed.  Less tangible but equally as profound, I felt like a different, better, lighter person and that sense of being has stayed with me ever since.  Peter’s gift, and the angelic healing, are a real blessing.  I am grateful and humbled by it.”

Susan Snow, Oakland, CA

“Meet the doctor of the future.  Over the past years, Peter has generated healing for me that has been nothing short of miraculous.  I have used his gifts for almost every physical ailment I have had with outstanding results.  A rare eye disease completely cleared up in just 2 sessions.  I have referred over 30 friends and family who have reported amazing results.  My cousin’s ovarian tumor completely disappeared after 2 phone sessions.  Mind blowing.”  

Gina E. Jones, Atlanta, GA

“The work of Peter, Anne and the Angels brings forth miraculous healings from the unseen world beyond the Veil. Working together, they have truly performed what would be called “miracles” and helped me, personally and professionally, to move inward and upward to a place of infinite love, harmony and true healing. Over the years since 2001, they have saved me from having various surgeries and eliminated numerous health challenges.  I really don’t think I would have lived as long as I have without them and certainly would not have the quality of life and vibrancy that I now enjoy today.  I am forever blessed!”